NAPFA Podcast with Dr. Jody Jacobson: The Neuroscience of Next Level Success

In Episode #01 of Mindset Mastery, “The Neuroscience of Next Level Success“, podcast host Marie Swift of Impact Communications speaks with Dr. Jody Jacobson, founder of the Human Skills Institute. In a nutshell: The human brain is naturally wired to see what’s missing or wrong. This is a hold-over from primordial times when the brain’s…

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What this Time of Crisis May Germinate

One of my favorite theories of adult developmental is the theory of positive disintegration. The original theorist, Kazimierzc Dabrowski, who lived and practiced during the Nazi invasion of Poland, observed that during historic crises some people rise to heightened levels of human development, whereas some devolve to lower levels. I have 100 percent faith that…

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Unleashing Mindfulness in Your Financial Advisory or Business

Cultivating Mindfulness for Clients, Focus, and Growth By Jody Jacobson, PhD If you’re like me and the planners I’ve been talking with the past few days, this time of year is a mix of busy-ness and anticipation. You may be finishing up with clients, holiday parties, preparing for 14 guests for Christmas dinner or to…

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Ed Jacobson, PhD

In Memoriam: How do you want to be remembered?

  As some of our readers already know, and others are just learning, Ed Jacobson passed away peacefully on September 19th. Ed was my business and life partner and a loving friend, teacher, and touchstone for so many of our readers. Fortunately, Ed captured the essence of his call to mindful practice and loving kindness…

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Clear Purpose to Hit Pay Dirt

The Core Purpose Drill Down Tool to Align Your Business & Marketing Strategies to Your Why

In my post on why purpose is the thread that aligns your strategies, plans, and actions, I talked about how purpose serves as the backbone of your business and is MAKE or BREAK for productivity and growth. Here, I give you a simple yet powerful tool to clarify your compelling core purpose so you can: Feel…

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ADHD, ADD, Business ADD, Anxiety, Stress, Overwhelm, Business Strategy

Does Your Business or Marketing Strategy Have ADD-Attention Deficit Disorder?

By Jody Jacobson, PhD   Your business can develop temporary or permanent attention deficit disorder (ADD) at any time, even if you or other leaders in your company don’t have it. Business ADD steals focus and can create strain, pain, and unnecessary loss of productivity and profits. 10 Warning Signs That You May Be Dealing with Business…

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Attract ideal clients by sharing your why and not overfocusing on credentials.

Change Your Story. Get More Ideal Clients.

When I talk with business owners and entrepreneurs who are struggling to get more ideal clients, one of the first things I do is look at their websites. Nine times out of ten, the ones who are under achieving over-focus on their credentials and protocols, but don’t give prospective clients a glimpse of who they…

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Big goals your brain imagines for your business can be hard to implement.

Why Your Brain’s Ability to Imagine Big Goals May Be Limiting Your Business Growth

This morning, I saw this Albert Einstein quote: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” You may be wondering…did Einstein have to run a business, attract clients, cook his own meals, or get kids out the door in the morning? No. He didn’t. If he did, he might have…

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Why having an imagination-implementation gap can cause imposter syndrome

Why Some of the Most Creative Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Suffer from Imposter Syndrome

Does this sound like you? You have a vast imagination, and may even be able to see your ideal future as if it already existed, but you just can’t seem to implement what you can imagine so you and your practice can thrive, not just survive. If your ability to implement goals and solutions lags behind…

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Sales and growth go up when you have confidence

This is the #1 Block to Filling Your Schedule

When you are not measuring up to your own expectations for success, attracting ideal new clients and retaining current ones is harder. In turn, that makes it harder to fill your schedule and pay your bills. Brian Tracy, the renowned expert on sales and selling—converting the awareness you build through your marketing efforts into clients…

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