Why Human Skills are Make-or-Break

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About Us

Jody Jacobson, PhD, Co-founder, CEO Executive coach, leadership consultant, author, and speaker.

Jody established the Human Skills Institute™ in 2018 to help financial advisors manage major transitions for sustainable growth. Whether they want to shift from work horse to owner-leader, build a higher functioning team, stop giving away their time and expertise to the wrong clients, hire the right people, get more referrals, or stop feeling like an imposter, I help them change their mindset and achieve their biggest goals with confidence and ease.

With her strong backgrounds in business and marketing strategy, neuroscience, leadership, and learning theory, she helps advisors and firm owners, executives, and entrepreneurs, create meaningful growth by optimizing their human skills and aligning their business and marketing strategies to attract and retain ideal clients and talent.She believes the best way to get the biggest return on growth effort (ROGE™) is to do more of the right things, not just more, more, more. Having survived a near-death experience, Jody knows that each of us has options, even when it doesn’t feel that way. We each have the power to choose overwhelm or focus, clarity or confusion, productivity or procrastination, leading or over functioning.