Big goals your brain imagines for your business can be hard to implement.

Why Your Brain’s Ability to Imagine Big Goals May Be Limiting Your Business Growth

This morning, I saw this Albert Einstein quote: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

You may be wondering…did Einstein have to run a business, attract clients, cook his own meals, or get kids out the door in the morning?

No. He didn’t.

If he did, he might have added a third sentence about what it takes to implement what you imagine and take logic from point A to B to done—consistently taking the RIGHT action.

If you’re like many people I work with, you have a vast imagination–that HAS taken you places/everywhere. Ironically, this great gift can also be your greatest limitation when you have to get your business to somewhere new–fast.

You feel the tension when you need to:

  • Get more ideal clients and increase revenues.
  • Get your team to buy-in and not work against growth.
  • Manage your time so you get to your critical goals and get them done (and even have time for fun!)

I get it. You want to have more time, money, and ease. You want to get out from under stress and overwhelm, and stay out! You want to get more control of your business, time,and life.

When it comes to Imagination, Logic, and Implementation, most entrepreneurs and business owners are strong in one or two, but not all three.

Only the Rarest of People Have the Power Triad– Imagination & Logic & Implementation (of the RIGHT actions)

This unbeatable combination typically takes a powerful partnership or team. 

Even Albert Einstein needed help with implementation to translate his theories, ideas, and logic into usable formats for others to work with (see my post about the Birds and the Frogs).

Thank goodness Einstein had the vast imagination and logic he did have, and the luck to attract more concrete-minded colleagues to translate and implement his work.

Most of the talented people I’ve worked with who were stuck or stressed were strong in imagination or imagination with logic, but struggled to implement their plans and goals. They had an Imagine – Implement Gap, which they overcame by getting the help they needed to:

  • Understand the limits and blocks—especially the internal ones—they kept hitting up against,
  • Know and work from their, and their teams’ hidden strengths, and
  • Build strategies and habits to grow beyond mere survival for long-term growth and thriving.

The good news is that the gap can be narrowed or even obliterated when you get the help you need.

I did it, and I can help you do it too. I’ve spent over 20 years developing practical tools and strategies that have helped my clients overcome the Imagine to Implement Gap.

If there’s a gap in your practice – you know you want more patients, higher profits, better team cooperation, and accelerated results, let’s talk.

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