When Growing Your Business, Go Slow to Go Fast to Avoid Quick Fixes that Fail

Business owners like you and me are bombarded with marketing emails and social media campaigns by the day, hour, and minute.

Professional marketers are so good at marketing and selling that they’ve convinced most of us that what we need to do to fill our schedules with ideal clients is more, more, more marketing—more Facebook ads, Facebook live videos, click funnels, books written for you, and more.

Well…Yes and No and Not Necessarily.

Sometimes, you need to “go slow to go fast,” so you can get off the treadmill of fixes that fail and services you purchase but don’t fully implement. Most marketing solutions, tools, and techniques sell us a way to “go fast.”

Marketers are taught to tap into our pain points and insecurities to get us into our lower, fear-based brain, and then offer a quick fix solution. I was taught this too, in business school and in my marketing coach certification program. I don’t buy it!

Growing your business often is like the tortoise and the hare fable. Slow and strategic at the start of the race can propel your business forward over the long-term so you can grow, thrive, and be “profit-able” long-term.

With marketing and selling, most of us need to go slow to go fast.

If you don’t know where you’re going and why, you’ll either get to somewhere you didn’t intend that isn’t about who you are, or you’ll get nowhere. And, you’ll be a lot more vulnerable to shiny object marketing that offers a quick fix that eventually fails.

If this sounds like you, you are likely missing one or more of these key foundations for success—

  • Clarity about your purpose and values
  • Business & marketing plans aligned to your purpose & values
  • Identified your ideal client (target market and niche)
  • Strong Habits of Focus, Accountability and implementation
  • Confidence and support to stay the course

​​​​​​​When you have a clear picture of where you want to take your business and your life, and have the support you need to build focus and bridge the gap from your dream to getting it done, you can be a savvy consumer of marketing and sales support.

Then, you will be able to spend your marketing dollars on real solutions to help you hit the right goals and break through survival to thrival (yes, I made that up)!

When you have a strong foundation, you can be a powerful user of the right marketing techniques and tools, and you’ll be able to communicate your value with clarity and passion.

In my blog post on 5 Key Blocks to Practice Growth and Long-term Profit-AbilityI share a few core strategies for attracting and retaining ideal clients and breaking through the five key problems that keep business owners from building a strong foundation for long-term ‘profit-ability.” These will help you build the business foundation and confidence to address with the five foundations listed above.


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