Sales and growth go up when you have confidence

This is the #1 Block to Filling Your Schedule

When you are not measuring up to your own expectations for success, attracting ideal new clients and retaining current ones is harder. In turn, that makes it harder to fill your schedule and pay your bills.

Brian Tracy, the renowned expert on sales and selling—converting the awareness you build through your marketing efforts into clients who fill your schedule and pay you— reports that the evidence is overwhelming:

Confidence is the #1 factor that separates top earners from the rest.

But confidence takes time to build. And, you can’t afford to wait until you feel 100 percent confident—for example, about communicating your value—before you can fill your schedule!

Sounds like a Catch-22, doesn’t it?

It can be, but it doesn’t have to be!

So, what can you do right now to feel more confident and convert awareness of you into paying clients?

Here are a few of the strategies and approaches that can help you build confidence:

1. Change the story you tell yourself about yourself. My client, Kristen, described it so aptly when she said, “So, I need to change my inner monologue.” One way to do this is to look at times when you have been very successful in filling your scheduled or achieving another similar goal. That can help you shift from operating on blind faith in yourself to having ”verified faith.”

2.  Feel the fear and do it anyway. We’ve all heard the expression: “Fake it ‘til you make it.” Right? With confidence, there’s another alternative that often works better. Maybe you’ve heard the expression to “act as if”? When you don’t feel confident, or “have confidence,” you can choose to act as if you already feel confident or have confidence while you are building it.

3. Wear your authority while you are building confidence. Most of the entrepreneurs, business leaders, and practitioners I talk and work with have rich credentials and training certifications. So we work on how they can learn to “wear their authority” while they build their confidence. There is a risk, however, in over-relying on your credentials, which leads to the next strategy…

4. Share your “why” on your website and social media. Your story helps build a client engagement and shows that you have the courage of your convictions. This helps to make you likable and relatable. And, when prospective new clients come to you for the first time already feeling a sense of connection with you and your purpose, you don’t have to work as hard to communicate your value, and converting them to paying clients is easier.

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