Hydration drink for focus and effectiveness

Power Drink for Hydration, Anti-Inflammation, or Hair of the Dog Resuscitation!

Whether you want hydration, anti-inflammatory benefits…
or a holiday hair of the dog elixir, this simple to make,
high-powered drink will get or keep you hydrated!

I concocted it as an alternative to Gatorade and other hydration drinks that contain gut-irritating sugars and artificial colors, and for its added anti-inflammatory qualities. It’s easy to make a gallon at a time, and is highly affordable as an every day drink!

When I get dehydrated, living here in the California desert, I feel like a half-deflated version of one of those big inflatable Gumby-like blow up dolls in front of the local carwash…

So, for those prone to dehydration and/or inflammation—due to stress, adrenal fatigue, living in a very dry climate as I do, some connective tissue and autoimmune disorders, too little sleep, or too much imbibing during the holidays—a quart of this drink may be just the trick to keep you hydrated and happy.

It does this because, in addition to water, it contains electrolytes and anti-inflammatory qualities from unfiltered apple cider vinegar and ginger.

Dr. Axe loves apple cider vinegar because it may lower cholesterol, reduce blood sugar levels, increase metabolism and speed up weight loss, and help with acid reflux (GERDS). It’s even possible that unfiltered apple cider vinegar may contain small amounts of ethanol, which may ease hangovers, according to Adam Rogers, author of Proof: the Science of Booze.

The sweetener, maple syrup, also contains electrolytes and may be tolerated better than many other sweeteners (honey, stevia, or other natural or artificial sweeteners) by people with leaky gut, GERDS, certain autoimmune-types of disorders, other GI issues. Maple syrup is on the FODMAP recommended sweeteners list . cause bloating because for many maple syrup is tolerated better than honey, stevia, or other sugar substitutes…and it contains electrolytes. Maple syrup also dissolves easily in water!


1. Use a 1-quart jar with a lid (I use a Mason Jar).

Add the following ingredients into the jar and then swirl together until blended—
• ½-1 tsp.* ground ginger (easier than fresh and still contains anti-inflammatory gingerol)
• 1-2 T* unfiltered apple cider vinegar (with the Mother)
• 1 T maple syrup
• A few shakes of salt

2. Add water (high quality filtered or spring water) to fill the quart jar. Then, screw on the lid and shake well. *The ginger will settle out of solution, so shake well before each use.

3. Optional—If well tolerated, add a few lemon slices for additional electrolytes and for a festive appearance.

*You may wish to start with the lower amounts of ginger and vinegar first and then adjust upward to your taste and tolerance.

Stay hydrated, eat and drink wisely, and fill your days with productivity, fun & joy!!

–Dr. Jody

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