Is Niche Fun? Only if You’re Doing it Right!

Those of us who love working with our ideal clients know that a clearly defined and viable niche has tremendous strategic and tactical advantages for our practices.But, I think there’s a lot of confusion about what a niche actually is.

Is it a demographic? A psychographic? Or a unique protocol?

Well…Yes, it is! No need for an either/or debate about it.

As I discovered in my own practice, a great niche can be a balance of all of those elements, and can move more in one direction than another over time as you hone and tone your focus.

In my popular Nail Your Niche live webinar, I gave listeners the Nail Your Niche Formula to make it easier to find the ideal niche for your practice. Some great questions were asked during the webinar and in the calls I had with many of you afterwards. So, I’m going to expand on some of the ideas here and in the next couple of blog posts.

So, why is niche such a talked about topic?

Here are just two of the many reasons:

  1. Focusing your niche makes it easier to align your business—hiring, training, marketing, procedures, offers, scheduling, …everything—to attract more ideal clients.
  2. You will maximize the impact of your marketing dollars and time in limitless ways.
  3. For example:
  • Your ideal clients will know you are for them because they will feel as if you are speaking directly to them—and you will be!
  • You will reach your ideal clients where they are logistically, psychically, and experientially.
  • You can focus on high-impact “one-to-many” marketing efforts to reach your ideal clients where they go to learn, work, socialize, pray, buy and look for information, resources, and referrals (e.g., social media, or video, or print, or in-person, etc.).
  • Be a more discerning consumer of marketing coaching and training and “done for you” services instead of just doing what everyone else seems to be doing, or what is being marketed to you most heavily and effectively.

Next, let’s talk about the real value of fun for attracting and retaining ideal clients!

I love what a Chicago-based solo pracitioner I spoke with said about why identifying his ideal niche is so important to him: “So my clients will feel like my friends and I can look forward to seeing my best friends at my office each day!” Like Martin, with the right, clearly defined niche you will be able to:

  • Fill your booke with the kind of clients you enjoy serving most, and with whom you can do your best work.
  • Have more time, money, and happiness.

Most of us love getting to do our best work. And a top make-or-break factor that makes it possible to do your best work is having more ideal clients.

So, let’s talk about FUN…! Fun is an under-valued, under-recognized success factor in thriving businesses of all sizes. And, I see too few talented people experiencing an equivalent form of fun in their businesses.

For purpose-driven, ethical, service-minded people, fun may feel inappropriate or unprofessional at work. You may feel that fun marginalizes the perceived value and importance of what you do.Yet, even when I’ve helped business owners and executives identify their core values and key factors at play when they are at their peak performance, the one critical success factor they all note is FUN!

So, what does FUN look like in client engagement? And, why am I talking about fun in a post about niche?

Because people who love what they do are happiest when they get to do more of it more of the time…And, when there isn’t anything dragging them down or distracting them from doing the work they love, such as:

  • Not having ideal clients who value you and what you do,
  • Not having ideal clients who love referring their family members, friends, and coworkers to you, or
  • Having to spend too much time and mental bandwidth constantly trying to attract new clients, and convincing them of your value.

Those things are not fun!

A key success factor is attracting ideal clients. Because, when you work with the kinds of people you are most meant to serve, you do your best work. And, when you do your best work, your clients will be happy and delighted and will market your business for you by referring other ideal clients to you. And, because getting to make more and be more is FUN!