This Will MAKE or BREAK Your Marketing Impact, Production & Profitability

 Having a clear and compelling purpose is a huge differentiator between those who get stuck on a hamster wheel… and those who actually get ahead and break through to new levels in their practices and lives.

I’m tired of seeing talented planners suffer because they’ve lost sight of their purpose in the crush of busyness. Or, because the purpose that once motivated and excited them no longer fits and may be limiting their productivity and growth.

Every business owner needs two clear statements of purpose

One for themselves, and one for their business—that state why you do what you do. Without a purpose to guide your strategy and actions, you can lose time, money, productivity…and passion for what you do.

For some people, their internal purpose…

Is to be able to boast to their friends about how many clients they see, or how much revenue their practice generates. But inside, what they may really want is to stop feeling ashamed that they’re struggling; however, avoiding a negative feeling or self-concept is not the foundation for a compelling purpose.

David, a 39-year old client in my practice, wanted to make lifestyle changes so he could feel more mature and adult. When I asked what he’d be able to do if he felt more adult, he said that he’d be able to move on to bigger things and improve his quality of life. So, I asked: “David, if you attained a better quality of life, what would you be able to do and feel?” He thought about it and said, “I’d be able to do more living and less of just surviving!” Bingo! David’s clear and compelling purpose was to thrive so he could get to the next level in his life and business! Thriving was a more powerful and in the now purpose for him than feeling like an adult.

You can use this amazingly powerful, yet simple exercise with yourself and your clients. 

Without a clear purpose for your business…

You have no true way of knowing whether you are doing the right things to get the results you really want. And, as a result, you and your business are more vulnerable to every great marketing and sales pitch that comes your way. And if your inbox is like mine, you’re flooded with them daily… And, you may have purchased a few that didn’t deliver.

Don’t be a lemming

Ready to follow any great marketer into a great-sounding program or service. While it could be the right thing for you, you can’t really know unless you can vet it against your purpose.

Million Dollar Productivity…

Is a result of having a clear and compelling purpose to guide all your actions and decisions, large and small. Without such a beacon, you can lose focus and clients, and miss opportunities for growth.

Those who thrive in business and life:

  1. Have a clear and compelling purpose so they know where they are going…always, on all days.
  2. Use their purpose as a polestar to stay focused on what’s most important, even when facing unexpected events or the crush of busyness.
  3. Keep their purpose relevant and fresh as they, their team, and their businesses grow.

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